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2013/14 Xcel Infiniti X2 Hooded 5.4

XCEL FIT IS THE DIFFERENCEPrecise, engineered fit is the foundation of why Xcel wetsuits simply work better and are trusted by the most committed surfers in the world. From the coldest and harshest lineups to the most air-friendly beach breaks, Xcel Fit is the Difference. The Infiniti wetsuit is the backbone of the Xcel range, A suit that can be used throughout spring, summer, autumn and even winter for the most hardened of surfers. With premium seams and materials, including 100% UltraStretch neoprene, the Infiniti X-Zip2 delivers a watertight front entry system for extra warmth and stretch on the colder days. the Xcel Infiniti is ideal for any surfer looking for a great all round suit.ENTRY SYSTEM X-ZIP2A durable, watertight, easy on/off front entry solution. The zipper flap is attached at one shoulder to keep more water out, with a Smooth Skin hem and pull cord/barrel lock combo on the open flap edge for a better seal and adjustable fit. A snap lock keeps the zipper pull in place.INNER CROSSOVER NECK ENTRY.Overlapping inner front and back neck panels (underneath the zipper flap) stretch to allow extra wide, step-in-through-the-neck entry. ULTRASTRETCH NEOPRENE. Our stretchiest, softest, most durable, and most lightweight neoprene. SUPERLIGHT FOAM. 20% lighter than standard neoprene, with good stretch properties thanks to its lesser density.TEXTURE SKINTexture embossed rubber that provides excellent wind resistance. Ideal as an outer material for front and back chest panels, hoods, gloves, and other areas that would otherwise lose warmth quickly.CONSTRUCTION FUSION SEAM TAPING. Maximum all-way stretch seam construction. A glued blind stitched seam is finished with our exclusive waterproof Fusion inner stretch tape.PRESSURE BONDED SEAM TAPING glued blind stitched seam using pressure to bond panels together, finished with durable stretch taping on the inside.GEOTEX ANKLE SEALS thin geometric pattern of Taitex above the inner ankles forms a good grip against your skin and prevents flushing.GLUED BLIND STITCHED SEAMS fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction that keeps water out. SIZE DETAILS: SMSMMTMLLSLLTHeight168 – 173cm175 – 183cm170 – 175cm173 – 178cm180 – 185cm175 – 180cm170 – 175cm178 – 183cm 5’6? – 5’8?5’9? – 6?5’7? – 5’9?5’8? – 5’10?5’11? – 6’1?5’9? – 5’11?5’7? – 5’9?5’10? – 6? Weight61 – 68k66 – 73kg66 – 73kg70 – 77kg75 – 82kg75 – 82kg75 – 82kg79 – 86kg 135 – 150145 – 160145 – 160155 – 170165 – 180165 – 180165 – 180175 – 190 Chest94cm94cm97cm99cm99cm102cm104cm104cm 37?37?38?39?39?40?41?41? Waist78cm78cm80cm83cm83cm85cm88cm88cm 30 1/2?30 1/2?31 1/2?32 1/2?32 1/2?33 1/2?34 1/2?34 1/2?34 1/2?

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